ARGONAUT is a GPS receiver able to provide affordable accurate geo-location: real time accuracy of 2.5 m and off-line accuracy better than 0.5 m using ARGONAUT SaaS. This is possible because GPS raw measurements are stored for off-line GNSS processing (PPK, RTK, DGNSS...). ARGONAUT will also register external events (CAMERA triggers,…) within microseconds resolution and decimetric geo-location accuracy. The embedded IMU allows for increased rate of navigation fixes as well as robust solutions in scenarios with impaired GPS availability.

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What is ROKUBUN?

Rokubun (from the Japanese word for Sextant, 六分儀 or 'Rokubungi') is an R&D company focused on accurate and innovative navigation solutions beyond those based on classical Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Rokubun offers navigation solutions specially targeted to the mobile devices market and, in particular, to V2X technologies (Connected Car), wide area logistics, precision farming and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).