ARGONAUT is a GNSS receiver able to provide affordable accurate geo-location: real time accuracy of 2 m and off-line accuracy better than 0.4 m using ARGONAUT PaaS. This is possible because GNSS raw measurements togehter with IMU (9 DOF) measurements are stored for off-line GNSS processing (PPK, RTK, DGNSS...). ARGONAUT will also register external events (CAMERA triggers,…) within microseconds resolution and decimetric geo-location accuracy. The embedded IMU allows for increased rate of navigation fixes as well as robust solutions in scenarios with impaired GNSS availability.

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Positioning-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Our Argonaut GNSS receiver is the perfect complement for our Positioning-as-a-Service, Rokubun's cloud service for GNSS data processing. Try it out, with either our receiver or with data from your own GNSS receiver.

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