We are looking for a R&D Software developer.

Main duties will be:

  • Software developer: Translate algorithms to code and development of our cloud-based
    positioning-as-a-service platform for satellite navigation data processing
  • Occasionally, write technical notes and R&D project reports (our official written language is

We are looking for someone with strong software development skills:

  • Knowledge of C/C++ and Python
  • Used to standard SW development practices: does not use “Another new version” in commit messages of svn/git, has the habit of documenting the code to “leave a trace”, …
  • Fan of Coding Zen: Defensive programming, avoid technical debt, “Writing code is re-writing code”

Keywords: GNSS, C/C++, Python, AWS, Docker

Click on RKBN_2018-05_DEV for more details.

You can reach us by e-mail (see offer) or directly via our contact us form in the main page (specify RKBN_2018-05_DEV in the Subject)