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The company





Rokubun (from the Japanese word for Sextant, 六分儀 or ‘Rokubungi’) is a Barcelona-based company for innovative GNSS solutions, established in 2015 after being awarded by the European Space Agency incubator program.

We focus on the research and development of precise and innovative navigation solutions to meet the growing need of both affordable and accurate geolocation. Our best performing products – the plug-and-play GNSS receiver ARGONAUT and the post-processing ARGONAUT SaaS, are designed especially having in mind the markets of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Autonomous Cars and Precision Agriculture.

The company is led by two seasoned Telecommunication engineers with more than 20 years of aggregated experience in the fields of GNSS navigation, Earth Observation and Synthetic Aperture Radar. We have put into practice our knowledge and expertise to develop solutions that increase geolocation efficiency and accuracy, while reducing the costs for firms and individual users alike.

The age-old search for practical positioning on Earth while looking at the skies led to the discovery of one of the first devices used for navigation – the sextant. The higher accuracy that it offered compared to the previously popular octant were groundbreaking for its time and completely revolutionized the field of navigation, like the compass did hundreds of years before. That trend of constant improvement of geolocation technology that started with the sextant is more than present today with the implementation of the global GNSS system and it is the inspiration behind our search for upgraded state-of-the-art navigation tools.

We believe that we can satisfy a growing necessity for cost reduction of high precision GNSS receivers, while maintaining the accuracy through innovation in both hardware and software. Challenging the old model of overly complex receivers that have an inaccessible price tag, while greatly surpassing the accuracy offered by mass market products, is the core idea behind ARGONAUT´s affordable and precise solution.