Rokubun has been selected to participate in the CASSINI Business Accelerator, a six-month acceleration programme designed to provide top-level business and investment coaching, training, events, and more to 20 of the top space startups in Europe.

The CASSINI Business Accelerator is a unique opportunity for Rokubun to sustain its commercial growth by developing new market opportunities. As a participant in the accelerator, Rokubun will receive tailored support and guidance to help it further refine its product offerings and reach new customers.

With its focus on supporting the most promising space startups in Europe, The CASSINI Business Accelerator is an ideal platform for Rokubun to connect with other like-minded companies, network with industry experts, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the space sector.

Overall, Rokubun is excited to be part of The CASSINI Business Accelerator and looks forward to leveraging the programme's resources and expertise to take its business to the next level.

Rokubun is a deep-tech company that develops innovative navigation technologies, oriented to fulfilling a new demand for ubiquitous, accurate, and scalable geolocation technologies.

SPEAR (Satellite Positioning Engine for Accurate Real-Time Navigation) is a software library for accurate and robust navigation that can enhance the location of the devices to the range of centimetres. SPEAR can work on any platform (platform-agnostic) and is designed to get the best navigation performance of mass-market or industrial devices, such as smartphones, cars, or drones.