Hybridization of GNSS and Wi-Fi ranging for an accurate and seamless indoor-outdoor navigation for smartphones and vehicles in Smart Cities.

Rokubun presents their cutting-edge hybrid technology that combines Wi-Fi and satellite (GNSS) capabilities, enabling seamless and accurate indoor-outdoor navigation.

This groundbreaking technology, developed as part of the R&D European project BANSHEE, has been funded by EUSPA and has been collaboratively developed by ROKUBUN in partnership with IDNEO, MOCA, and Universitat Politèctica de Catalunya (UPC).

BANSHEE technology offers highly precise real-time navigation, both indoors and outdoors. It overcomes the visibility challenges of satellite navigation by automatically switching to Wi-Fi when satellite signals perform poorly, such as in urban canyons or inside buildings.

The applications for BANSHEE technology are vast and diverse, ranging from efficient fleet management to finding specific booths at conferences.

At Rokubun, we believe in the power of visuals. That's why we've developed an infographic showcasing the incredible possibilities and benefits of our navigation engine. Explore our infographic now to discover the potential use cases for this groundbreaking technology!

Open our infographic and dive into the world of possibilities offered by BANSHEE technology!