If high geolocation precision at a truly affordable price is what your business needs, then the ARGONAUT receiver + SaaS is a perfect solution to fit your budget and provide you with centimeter geolocation accuracy. Our state of the art GNSS firmware when combined with our post-processing software-as-a-service (SaaS) offer the best cost-accuracy ratio on the market and remarkable ease of use. Our seasoned experts at Rokubun have done extensive research and put their years of experience to develop an innovative product with high added value for UAV operating firms, Autonomous Vehicles and Precision Agriculture.


  • Affordable


Equipping a fleet of drones or autonomous vehicles with multiple GNSS receivers can be extremely costly as the most precise devices on the market have a price tag of thousands of dollars. That is why we looked for improvements in the components and brought the price of the receiver down to 350$ per unit, 5 to 10 times cheaper than competitors, making it accessible for firms of all sizes and applications. If you purchase multiple receivers for various unmanned systems, you need only one subscription to our SaaS to have access to our correction service and receive highly accurate geolocation for all of your devices instantaneously. Consult our affordable payment schemes here ->


  • Accurate


The geolocation precision required for professional photogrammetry, mapping and topographic surveys is of high demand, but until now only the expensive overly complex devices could provide satisfying results. To meet that need, we have designed the combination of ARGONAUT receiver + SaaS to be precise enough to offer accuracy of less than 50 cm, a factor of 5 improvement over the standard error of the industry of 2,5 m.


  • Easy-to-use


Getting the GNSS information and processing it with ARGONAUT Rx + SaaS is designed to be straightforward and timesaving. ARGONAUT SaaS is an easy to use drag-and-drop software that brings the corrected accurate GNSS data instantly and ready for your projects. To facilitate the gathering of the geolocation data in the first place, we have designed the ARGONAUT receiver to be plug-and-play and compact enough to be mounted with ease on any drone model or autonomous vehicle.


  • Functional


The combination ARGONAUT Rx + SaaS goes well beyond RTK in terms of functionality – the SaaS automatically locates the closest ground base station or alternatively it can use one that you have provided, to perform various differential algorithms and fetch the fixed results. Our receiver is compatible with PIxhawk and MicaSense and it is made as an end-to-end solution that does not require any integration or set-up from the operator. The useful feature of precise geotagging camera trigger, together with the embedded SD slot and USB port of the receiver make the process of data gathering even more user-friendly and easy.