Author: Miquel Garcia

GNSS carrier phase from Nexus 9

As it is known, there is an active development in using Android ranges for PPP and RTK, but these require the phase observables, which, as of the time of writing this post, only few devices provide. Even if they are provided, obtaining the carrier phase might not be as straightforward as in commercial GNSS receivers. In


Argonaut’s first maiden flight

Argonaut (Rokubun’s GPS receiver) is a positioning device based on a Ublox chipset (NEO-7P, to be migrated to the newest NEO-M8T). The receiver provides GPS fixes and single frequency (L1) raw (code and phase) measurements, as well as inertial measurements from the embedded 9 DOF inertial unit (Invensense MPU9250, with accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetic field). Additionally,

Rokubun was at ESA’s Navitec 2016

This conference, devoted to GNSS technology, was held in ESTEC/ESA (Noordwijk, The Netherlands) between 14 and 16th December 2016.   Some topics The sessions of this conference covered topics on Galileo signal processing, receiver technology, interference and jamming, … Some of the projects that were presented are: Review and state of GNSS reflectometry for Earth Observation.

First look at Android N GNSS raw measurements

Following the release of the Android N Preview for App developers, we took the chance of implementing a simple app to fetch the GNSS raw measurements, something that was not possible before this OS release. Before that, only the position fixes and some basic information on the satellites in view were available. A note on this

We have won our 1st award!

We are very glad and proud to announce that Rokubun has been awarded the 1st prize of the 4th edition of Café Aventura, the Entrepreneurial prize given by Sabadell Empresa. Participating in this Forum has been an extremely productive and educational experience: interesting tips on how to pitch your idea to investors were given, networking with